Welkom bij Mies Magazine - Mens in een scheiding - Magazine over alle aspecten voor, tijdens en na een scheiding. Dé plek waar je menselijke scheidingservaringen opdoet!

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  1. Scott McMillan
    25 november 2019 @ 10:02

    Once again..the article is about narcissistic WOMEN ..and all through the article the narcissist is spoken in a MALE genderised fashion.. HE is not a narcissistic woman… SHE is the word you use when describing a female.. NOT he…
    No mention of the fact that they alienate the children from the healthy parent after separation either..
    If you are going to join the bandwagon and start publishing about this form of abuse, that has been ignored for decades and even HIDDEN from public view.. then make sure you tell ALL the facts.. There are just as many female narcissistic personalities as there are male , and today’s society is breeding more and more.. Covert , passive aggressive, “vulnerable” narcissistic personalities numbers are rising .. give it another few generations and they will take up half the population..


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